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Crows series went booming after the release of the Crows Zero live-action film. It's the prequel of the main series titled Crows. The cast of Takiya Genji by Shun Oguri and Serizawa by Takayuki Yamada fascinating the audiences and make the two become the favorite among the fans. This make many new fans the finding out about this great delinquents fighting manga written by Hiroshi Takahashi.

Begin in the 1990, Crows is now inspired many new manga with various story, event, and place. The series also inspired three live-action film, including already mentioned Crows Zero, Crows Zero 2 and Crows Explode. Not only that, a crossover live-action film with HiGH&LOW titled HiGH&LOW: THE WORST enrich the story of Crows X Worst Universe.

With a lot of series, such as prequel, sequel, and side stories, sometime Crows manga make some of us confused on how we can follow and understand the all the story. No need to worry, I make the list of all Crows X Worst series to make it easier for you to find out all of Crows X Worst series in one hit. Okay, let's see all of the Crows X Worst manga series.

Top 10 Strongest Student of Suzuran

1. Crows

crows manga list

Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 1990

The first and the main story of Crows manga franchise. Crows is the sequel of Crows Zero and Crows Zero II live action film that inspired manga adaptation later. Centers on transferred second-year student named Bouya Harumichi in Suzuran. He is so strong and considered as the strongest of The Four Kings in his generation. The story will focus on life of Bouya and his fellow Suzuran fighting each other and challenge strong fighter from another schools and gangs.

There is 2-episodes OVA anime adaptation for Crows released in 1994, cover the first three volume from the manga.

2. Crows Gaiden

all crows manga list

Magazine: Weekly Shounen Champion
Released: 1995

Crows Gaiden is the side stories of Crows consist of three gaidens. It's focuses on the pasts of Ebizuka trio: Mako, Pon and Hiromi, Bandou Hideto and Bouya Harumichi when they were still in the middle school.

There are 3 other Crows Gaiden mangas:

Crows Gaiden Linda Linda (2009)
The story about Hayashida Megumi (Rindaman) during his middle school years. He befriended with his classmate Yoshidome Keiichi. Rindaman is insanely strong and this attract people to keep coming to attack him.

Crows Gaiden: The Story of Katagiri Ken (2014)
The story about the past of Katagiri Ken before he become a Yakuza. During his high school years at Suzuran, he is the member of quite strong gang in the school.

Crows Gaiden: The Beginning of Housen (2017)
The story about Housen Academy, the strongest rival for Suzuran. It's focuses on Terakado Butta, the first head of Housen one year before the school's founding.

3. Crows: The Aftermath

crows manga order

Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 1999

Crows: Aftermath set after the events in Crows. The story revolves on the conflict around Kawaichi Tesshou from the Front of Armament with two Suzuran students. It's also featuring the arrival of the next legendary of Suzuran after Rindaman, Hanaki Guriko.

4. Worst

crows manga timeline

Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 2001

The direct sequel of Crows manga centers around Tsukishima Hana who is just moved into the city of Toarushi. Unlike Bouya who is not interested to become the leader of Suzuran High School, Hana is wanted to achieves it and rules Suzuran into one faction. Hana who is a country bumpkin joined to the freshman war in which he is the last man standing and declared as the Freshmen War winner. As the story continues, the wild-life of him in Suzuran in order to rule and dominate the worst school in the town begin.

5. Crows Zero

crows manga cover

Magazine: Weekly Shounen Champion
Released: 2008

The prequel of Crows set in a year before the event of the Crows. Follow a son of Yakuza Boss, Takiya Genji, who is transferred to Suzuran in his third-year in order to conquering it. To conquer the Suzuran High School, he is must taking control his clast first and then challenges the other leader in Suzuran. In this time the top candidate to rule Suzuran is Serizawa and his army which is one of Genji's obstacle to achieve his goal.

Crows Zero also known as Crows: Episode 0, actually a live-action film released in 2007 and getting manga adaptation in 2008.

6. Worst Gaiden

crows x worst manga

Magazine: Shounen Champion
Released: 2009

The story about Umehoshi Brothers, the owner of house where Hana stay. The Umehoshi Brothers, Masashi and Yasushi, both were students in Suzuran and feared by the others and almost conquer Suzuran. The gaiden also tells the backstory of founding members of The Front of Armament and how it's formed.

There are 3 Worst Gaiden mangas:

Worst Gaiden: Dokuro (2019)
A Worst spin-off manga focuses on Kawachi Tesshou, the sixth leader of The Front of Armament. The event set after the events of Crows and before the Crows: Aftermath.

Worst Gaiden: Guriko (2019)
The story of Hanaki Guriko during his middle school years in Hakata.

Worst Gaiden: Mr Zetton (2020)
The story of Zetton in the future where he finally achieved his dream to become a teacher. In his first day, instead of teaching the students, he is placed in the delinquent class and assigned to dropping out the students of his homeroom class.

7. Crows Zero II: Suzuran x Housen

crows x worst manga list

Magazine: Bessatsu Shounen Champion
Released: 2012

The sequel of Crows Zero, set in eight monts after the fight between Genji and Serizawa. The story focuses on the eternal rivalries between Suzuran and Housen. On the desperation of graduating without achieving his goal, Genji accidentaly breaks a non-aggression pact between the two school. This make the leader of Housen, Narumi Taiga, to declare war against Suzuran. Their violent approach to provoke the Suzuran forced Genji involved in upcoming war as Suzuran's main man.

The Crows Zero II live-action film released in 2009, and later adapted into the manga in 2012.

8. The Last Worst

all crows x worst manga

Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 2015

The Last Worst take place a year after the ending of Worst. After Hana's generation, Miyamoto Sanmon and Sajima Yousuke who are the seniors of Suzuran now will be fight against the students from Rindow High School which is lead by Hajime Ichou.

9. Crows Explode

all crows x worst titles

Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 2018

Crows Explode is like a alternate story for Crows. The event is set after Takashi Makishe graduated and more likely one year after the event of Crows Zero or a month after Takiya Genji's graduation. The manga centers on Kaburagi Kazeo, a new transfer student at Suzuran. Similar with Genji, he is transferred in his third-year as student. He is knocks out Wajima in a single punch in the school's "opening ceremony". The story will follow the battle of the newcomers, Kaburagi Kazeo and Kagami Ryohei, a new first-year student.

Crows Explode manga covers the live-action film that is released in 2014. The manga also have one-shot prequel manga titled Crows Explode Gaiden in 2014 which is follow Kaburagi Kazeo before transferred into Suzuran.

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