Top 10 Strongest Students of Suzuran in Crows X Worst

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The live action adaptation of Crows titled Crows Zero released in 2007 and get sequel relase in the 2009. The film attract the young audiences especially the cast. Shun Oguri who cast as Takiya Genji and Takayuki Yamada as Serizawa Tamao become favourite cast on the film.

Crows Zero itself is a prequel based on the 1990s manga Crows, set in the same school, Suzuran. The Crows manga have a sequel titled Worst.

All of the titles still follow the same story about High School Student who want to rules the school who never have been ruled before, Suzuran.

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10. Sugihara Makoto

strongest crows zero

Makoto is actually the strongest among the Trio Ebizuka. Along with Kirishima Hiromi and Honjo Toshiaki, he conquer the first year, even when they still freshman. He also defeat one of the Bitou Brothers, Bitou Hideyuki, who ruled the Housen, rival school of Suzuran after Bitou Tatsuya. He is silent, but mentioned as the second strongest of Harumichi Family faction.

9. Bandou Hideto

strongest student of suzuran

One of the four leader of Front Armament. His ambition to conquer Suzuran may be already succed if Bouya never come to Suzuran. Bandou is not as strong as the other leader, but his strength recognized by other students. Bandou even made the Trio Ebizuka in panic when he almost rules the Suzuran.

8. Serizawa Tamao

strongest fighter of suzuran

One of the strongest fighter Suzuran have in his generation. At that time, he is on the top of Suzuran and almost rules the Suzuran, if Genji never come. In his first year, he was the strongest among the first year, and feared by his senior, and get the title as King Monster. He is also involved in the Kawaishi Noboru faction when Suzuran fight Housen. After the graduation of Katsuragi Genjirou, Serizawa is the top candidate to rules Suzuran.

7. Katsuragi Genjirou

strongest suzuran of all time

Katsuragi is one of the strongest in Suzuran history. His faction only have 6 members, still one of the most feared in Suzuran. He once tried to rule Suzuran but failed. He also defeated the second generation of Front Armament, but leave it with regret because not finished it, which lead to Kunou become the leader of third generation of Front Armament. The unique from him is always ask for cigarattes even when he himself have it.

6. Takiya Genji

strongest crows zero

Genji the most famous character in Crows Zero. He is the transfer student at his third year, has ambition to rules Suzuran to prove his capability to his father who a leader of Yakuza. Genji is strong in fight and charisma, make the third faction from third year join him and become the new threat for all Suzuran student who want conquer the school, including Serizawa. He won against Serizawa and make him the top of Suzuran. However, he never conquer Suzuran because never won fight against Megumi Hayashida.

5. Hanazawa Saburou (Zetton)

strongest in suzuran

Known as Zetton, he is one of the leader in Suzuran. He one of the four kings in the city, consist of four strongest groups in the city of Toarushi: Zetton (Suzuran), Nakajima Shinsuke (Kurotaki), Takeda Kousei (Front Armament), and King Joe (Housen). He won the war among the first year and become the leader of the first year student. However, he lost against Bouya and Guriko while he was in the middle school.

4. Tsukishima Hana

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Here, we introduce to you, the only person who have been ruled Suzuran in one faction, Tsukishima Hana. In the 3 years of him in the city of Toarushi, Tsukishima Hana almost never defeated in fights, including fight against Housen leader, Mitsumasa. He only have two lost in fights, against Guriko and Bisuko.

3. Hanaki Guriko

strongest in crows series

The strongest student after the Bouya generation graduated. The successor of Rindaman in Suzuran, which is the obstacle for all Suzuran student who want to rule the school. Tsukisima Hana, the strongest candidate to rule suzuran lost against him. In his generation, he have the title of Demon King, and his power become double when someone bother his girlfriend or break his phone. He is never defeated in one on one fights. However, he is in Suzuran when the Rindaman and Bouya graduated.

2. Harumichi Bouya

top suzuran fighter

Start his life as student in Suzuran as transfer student, Bouya has strong power. In his first day, he defeated Sugihara Makoto and Kirishima Hiromi with only one hit. This moment make everything turned out in Suzuran. Bandou who almost rules the school threatened with the Bouya presence. In the end, Bandou is just plaything for Bouya, Bouya easily defeated him. In one on one fights, Bouya almost never defeated. Bouya is the only people who can draw with Rindaman in fight.

1. Megumi Hayashida (Rindaman)

strongest in crows worst

The third year student of Suzuran, Hayashida Megumi known as Rindaman is the strongest among the strongest. In the history of Suzuran, he is unbeaten. The only person able to draw with him only Harumichi Bouya. But in the next fight against Bouya before the graduation, Rindaman won and graduated along with the title as the strongest and unbeaten.