The 12 Best New Manga Series Begin Serialization in 2022

new manga 2022

Finding a recommendation for a new serialization manga is quite hard, since we always take more attention for anime adaptation. It's normal, after all, sometimes we know that there is a manga with good stories after getting anime adaptation.

But, what if we need a new good manga with that just released this year? Well, I am here to help you find the good new manga you want to read. From action, romance, comedy, isekai, here are the new manga released in 2022.

1. Super no Ura de Yani Suu Futari

new romcom manga 2022

New romcom seinen manga that started serialization in Big Gangan vol. on 25 August 2022. The manga follows a middle-aged overworked salaryman named Sasaki, and Yamada, an always-cheerful supermarket cashier at his favorite convenience store.

Sasaki finds a comfortable companion in Yamada, but one day, he is working late and goes to check on Yamada once he finishes the work. But, Yamada already left and he goes for a smoke and just to notices a young mysterious woman with piercings smoking behind the store.

English: Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You.
Author: Jinushi
Serialization: 25 August 2022
Publisher: Square Enix | Magazine: Big Gangan
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Seinen

2. Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau: Highserk Senki

new isekai manga 2022

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau: Highserk Senki is a dark isekai manga about wars. It's about the reincarnation of Raizou Takakura, an average salaryman who finally meet his end with heart attack. In his new world, he is reborn in family of penurious farmer as third son, Walm.

He is now living as a soldier for the Highserk Empire and thrown into the frontlines of a war. Highserk Empiere itself just a small country surrounded by large countries and currently being invaded.

Walm spend his days killing people left and right to survive, along with his comrades, he was slipping through the life-or-death situations. The time comes when Highserk empire decided to point their fangs toward principality of Myard as well as Ferrius Kingdom.

This led Walm to covered in blood and witnessing the dying breaths of comrades and enemies, as well as learning of the fine line between life and death. In a deadly battle with an adventurer party who could use powerful magic with overwhelming power called the "heroes", Walm developed his warrior talent in which his eyes becoming dark and muddy over time.

English: Record of Highserk War
Author: Torutonen, Artist: Saitou Yanomi
Serialization: 17 February 2022
Publisher: Kodansha | Magazine: Shounen Magazine Edge
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Isekai, Military, Reincarnation

3. Akane-Banashi

new slice of life manga 2022

A slice of life comedy manga about rakugo, a tradional Japanese form of storytelling expressed with just your body and words. Akane, growing up admired her father and his rakugo. Seeing her father struggling to pass the shin'uchi rakugo test, Akane take her own steps into rakugo world.

In the six years of secretly receiving lessons from her father, Akane sets out to become a shin'uchi of Arakawa School to avenge her father and prove rakugo is legitimate profession.

Author: Suenaga Yuuki, Artist: Moue Takamasa
Serialization: 14 February 2022
Publisher: Shueisha | Magazine: Weekly Shounen Jump
Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
Where to Read: Mangaplus

4. Gachi Akuta

new action manga 2022

Slum is the worst place to live, in Gachi Akuta manga, it's the place where criminals' descendants live. The story centers on an orphan boy named Rudo who lives in the slum with his foster parent, Legt and makes a living using his extraordinary physical abilities.

One day, he is falsely accused of murder, and is thrown into the "abyss" that even the slum people fear. There, he meets a nearby Janitor named Engine and rescues him from a hoard of beasts. He then becomes assigned as fellow rookie towards the other Janitors' cause.

Author: Urana Kei
Serialization: 16 February 2022
Publisher: Kodansha | Magazine: Weekly Shounen Magazine
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural 

5. Konjiki no Gash!! 2

new fantasy manga 2022

The sequel of the Konjiki no Gash!! which started the serialization digitally on 14 March 2022.

English: Zatch Bell 2
Author: Raiku Makoto
Serialization: 14 March 2022
Publisher: BIRGDIN BOARD Corp | Magazine: - (Digital Release)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Where to Read: Amazon 

6. Re Cervin

best new manga 2022

A drama fantasy manga about a king without a country and princess without memory. The story begins when Arsinoe, a young princess of the mountainside country of Helentar awakens and finds that a month has passed since the invasion of Ilia Empire. At that day, her mother was killed and her homeland teared down by fire of the reawakened evil dragon.

She is using the power of Sent Fuana to keep the dragon at bay and lost her memories of her father in exchange of uses of the power. A man named Cervin appears before her and claiming to be her father. The two then decide to travel together and striving on Arsinoe's goal to take revenge on Contrano, the one who summoned the evil dragon.

English: Le Cervin
Author: Hamada Kousuke
Serialization: 8 January 2022
Publisher: Shogakukan | Magazine: Big Comic Spirits
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Seinen, Supernatural 

7. Tsuihou sareta Tensei Juukishi wa Game Chishiki de Musou suru

new reincarnation manga 2022

New isekai manga about a person who is reincarnated as the son of a Sword Saint named Elma, but manifested a defective class as Heavy Knight. His position of the next head of Edvan Household had been deprived and then exiled.

Heavy Knight class known said to be an indolent and coward class and had unbalanced status and useless skills. But, Elma knew that this world is just the world of the game he had used to play before in his previous life.

Heavy Knight is the strongest class to exist in this world, using his knowledge from his previous life, he is beginning his efficient walkthrough in the world he was reincarnated into.

English: The Exiled Reincarnated Heavy Knight is Unrivaled in Game Knowledge
Author: Nekoko, Artist: Brocco Lee
Serialization: 11 February 2022
Publisher: Kodansha | Magazine: Young Magazine Web
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Reincarnation

8. Dungeon no Osananajimi

new manga recommendations

A new romcom fantasy manga sets in the untouched underground dungeon where the final boss, a mighty black dragon Obisidian awaits. Van, an experienced adventurer is the one who dare to challenge Obisidian. The battle between of them is about the begin. But, the truth is they are childhood friends.

English: Dungeon's Childhood Friend
Author: Kuma Yasuhisa
Serialization: 27 January 2022
Publisher: Media Factory | Magazine: Comic Walker / Comic Alive
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life 

9. Saikyou no Maou ni Kitaerareta Yuusha Isekai Kikanshatati no Gakuen de Musou Suru

new manga serialization 2022

Isekai shounen manga about Kyouya Kujou, a boy who don't have unique skills that are blessing of the goddess and failed to save the world. He is ridiculed as Failure Hero in the academy where the heroes who have saved many worlds gather.

However, he is the most powerful hero who trained for 30,000 years in another world with Felice, the evilest demon king who has destroyed 3,000 worlds. The strongest heroes can't even compete with him. Thus begin the tale of a boy who trained by the most powerful demon king.

English: A Brave Man Trained by the Worst Demon King, Unrivaled in the School of Returnees From Another World
Author: Konno Chiaki, Artist: Iwaha
Serialization: 22 March 2022
Magazine: Dokodemo Young Champion
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural, Isekai

10. Kanan-sama wa Akumade Choroi

new romance manga 2022

A romcom manga about pure-hearted demon's first love. Kanan is a female demon who hiding in a high school in the human world to devours souls. She sets her sights on a single high school student boy, but ends up in a lover's contract with him. Kanan, who has never experienced love before is now filled with unknown feelings.

English: Kanan-sama Is Easy as Hell!
Author: nonco
Serialization: 1 June 2022
Publisher: Kodansha | Magazine: Weekly Shounen Jump
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural 

11. Marriagetoxin

new comedy manga 2022

A gender bender manga about a hitman who is forced by his clans to marry and keep their lineage survive. Until one day he is proposing a marriage swindler, who is supposed to be his target of his work.

English: Marriage Toxin
Author: Joumyakun, Artist: Yoda Mizuki
Serialization: 20 April 2022
Publisher: Shueisha | Magazine: Shounen Jump +
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, Shounen
Where to Read: Mangaplus 

12. Elden Ring: Ougonju e no Michi

new gag manga 2022

A gag comedy manga adaptation for Elden Ring, an Action RPG developed by FromSoftware's. Follow Aseo, a poor, Tarnished wretch who finds himself penniless, hopeless, and maidenless. His only hope is a mysterious woman named Melina. A new journey of him, with her guidance is begin.

English: Elden Ring The Road to the Erdtree
Author: Tobita Nikiichi
Serialization: 4 September 2022
Publisher: KADOKAWA | Magazine: COMIC Hu
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen
Where to Read: COMIC WALKER