Top 7 Best Japanese Fighting Manga (Delinquents Fistfight)

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Fighting is the most exciting event in the fictional stories, no exception for manga. Reading fighting scenes in the manga bring tensity and lead to excitement. The action manga, most of the time give the audiences a fantasy-theme, where the story is involving supernatural and magic.

But sometime we wanted to read a fighting manga without any magic related elements, where the story is focused more on hand to hand combat. The manga that exploring the conflicts between the delinquents and the gangs. Here, you are in the right place. You can read my recommendation for the fighting manga full with delinquents, fist fight, gang wars and of course strong friendship.

1. Tokyo Revengers

fistfight manga

Author: Ken Wakui
Magazine: Weekly Shounen Magazine
Released: 1 March 2017

Tokyo Revengers manga follow Takemichi Hanagaki who is in the lowest point of his life. He lives in crappy apartment, always treated like idiot by his younger boss, and still virgin in his 26. His ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana when he was at middle school has died, murdered by a group of criminals, Tokyo Manji Gang.

When he almost reach his limit and thinks to die, he suddenly back to the past and realized that he is time-leaps twelve years back to his middle school days where his ex-girlfriend still alive and dating her. In this confused situation, he decided to save his girlfriend by aiming the top ranks of Tokyo Manji Gang.

Currently, it's arguably the most popular post-2010s school fighting manga. The manga also won Best Shonen category for 44th Kodansha Manga Award in 2020. The anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers by Studio Liden Films released in 11 April 2021.

2. Crows

best fighting manga

Author: Hiroshi Takahashi
Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 1990

Set in Suzuran, all-boys high school where the delinquents assemble aiming for the top among others. Harumichi Bouya, the second-year transfers student in Suzuran is not interested in achieving the top, but becoming draw attention by all the strong candidates for the top in the school.

He beats out the Ebizuka trio and the current top of the Suzuran, Hideto Bando, easily. Though never trying to aiming the top, he always wanted to challenge strong fighter in school. Rindaman, like Bouya, who is never aiming the top, the strongest fighter ever in Suzuran, choose to life hidden in the Suzuran shadow. Bouya after knowing that there is a strong fighter like Rindaman, wanted to challenge him in fighting.

Fight and friendship will follow the life of Bouya Harumichi in this delinquents school.

Crows have prequel manga titled Crows Zero and sequel manga titled Worst. Crows also have two-episodes OVA anime adaptation released in 1994.

3. Worst

best fist fight manga

Author: Hiroshi Takahashi
Magazine: Monthly Shounen Champion
Released: 2001

The sequel of Crows. Follow a boy who just moved to the city, Tsukishima Hana. He enrolls Suzuran all-boys high school. Hana is good guy, ingenuous, and honest, but very strong. Suzuran known never been conquered before and his goal is to become the leader of Suzuran and the first ever to conquered Suzuran. In order to achieves his goal, he fights in many battlefield against the strong fighter from rival school and other gangs.

Top 10 Strongest Fighter of Suzuran in Crows X Worst

4. Out

best action fighting manga

Author: Mizuta Makoto
Magazine: Young Champion
Released: 2012

Follow Iguchi Tatsuya, an ex-prisoner who just released from teenager prison. He sent to a new city away from his old friends who gave him bad influences. He live with his aunt and works in his aunt's restaurant. Trying to avoid delinquent lifestyle again, he still stuck with the same personality. His leaning to fight and violence led him to end up with same sort of people.

An encounter with Abe Kaname is bring him a lot of trouble to him. He involved again with a gang, Kilihito, bring back his old and even fights again.

5. Gang King

top school fighting manga

Author: Yamauchi Daiju
Magazine: Bessatsu Shounen Magazine
Released: 2003

Center around Jimmy (Katsuya Oonishi), an art student at Bara-Gaku. He was saved from drowning by a tattoo artist who is known as victorius needle, when he was little. It's inspired him to follow the same path and aims to be the tatoo artist. His friend, Banko, is very smart despite his delinquent exterior. They are together meet new people and for a gang of their own, along the way they bump heads with other gangs from other schools/districts.

6. Clover (Tetsuhiro Hirakawa)

best gang fighting manga

Author: Tetsuhiro Hirakawa
Magazine: Weekly Shounen Champion
Released: 2007

Centers around Misaki Hayato and his childhood friends. Misaki returns to his hometown and reunited again with his childhood friends. They are attending the same high school. They are can be identified as: Hayato the crazy one, Kenji the big one and Tomoki the solitary one. They are living relatively normal in their high school life until Hayato's return change everything in fast and sends shockwaves through the entire town's delinquent population with his willingness to do anything for his friends and his love for a good fight.

The manga inspired live action drama in 2012 broadcasted on TV Tokyo from 13 April to 29 June 2019 with twelve episodes.

7. Holyland

top delinquent fighting manga

Author: Kouji Mori
Magazine: Young Animal
Released: 2000

Holyland manga follow a high school student who is getting bullied. To find a place he can belong and accepted he will do anything and start learning how to fight. His talent at fighting lead him to defeat the gang member who trying to extort him and start being targeted by the gang. From just a one or two fighting technique, he slowly improve his fighting skill, especially after encounters with a ex-boxer and street fighter, Izawa Misaki.