Top 10 Best Horror Romance Anime Series

horror romance anime

An anime that will creating an atmosphere of fear and suspense but features the romantic relationship between the characters in the stories is what you might find as you come here. As anime fans, we all can agree that romance is a genre that almost exist in every anime, so it would not really surprising if there are anime that have romantic element in its story.

Horror and romance in one anime in fact is not something that we can see so often, as we rarely have horror anime adaptation in general. With only few horrors anime compared to other popular genres, finding a horror romance anime would be quite difficult.

Here, I would give a little help to you who want to find some horror anime recommendation. Not much, but with the thrilling and romantic feeling we can get from these few anime is more than enough to get spooky but sweet experience. Here is the best horror romance anime series worth to watch.

1. Deadman Wonderland

romance horror anime

A dark and violent anime follow the only survivor in the classroom slaughters by a mysterious man, Ganta. Framed as the carnage he locked in the Deadman Wonderland, the most twisted prison ever built. In Deadman Wonderland, the prisoners forced to participate in brutal deathmatches for the public entertainment, which one of the ways for the prisoners sentenced to die.

Ganta meets an uncommon female prisoner named Shiro and they become friends in this prison. Later, Ganta discovers his strange ability to wield his spilled blood as a weapon in which is he might it related to the murderous man. It is a horror anime mixed with action and of course romantic elements which is involves Ganta feeling toward his classmate, Shiro.

2. Elfen Lied

best horror romance anime

Elfen Lied story focuses on the new species mutated from human that similar to humans in appearance but possess psychic powers and small horn-like on their forehead. Lucy is one of them who is under experiment in research facility in Kamakura and managed to escape. Her injury led her to develop a secondary personality known as Nyuu which act like child. This when she met Kouta and his cousin Yuka and living together with the threats from Special Assault Team to recapture her.

Elfen Lied anime will offer strong character development and enthralling storyline. The relationship between Kouichi and Nyuu who is actually Lucy growing over the time and we will witness the love, loss, and reception in Elfen Lied.

3. Sankarea

best romance horror anime

The zombie waifu is real!!! Sankarea revolves around the relationship between the Chihiro Furuya and a zombie girl named Sanka Rea. Rea who has run away from home failed to attempt to commit suicide, instead she drinks a poisonous flower that make her become a zombie. Mixed up with comedy, horror and the balances the humor, drama and the horror itself engaging its story and give unique feeling. Their love and struggle, making the romance a powerful element of the story.

4. Another

pysychological horror romance anime

Set in the Yomiyama where there is a curse occurs for many years in city's North Middle School class 3-3. The curse causes streak of death for the student in the class. It's being said that Misaki, a popular student in the class 3-3 suddenly died in the way of the school and until now the teacher and the students of class 3-3 continue to act as Misaki still alive that leading to strange presence.

The story will start when Kouichi Sakakibara transfer into class 3-3 where he meets Mei Misaki, a mysterious and quiet student. The strange phenomenon starts to happen which students and their relative begin to die in terrible ways. This phenomenon linked to the Misaki who died in 1972, and lead to calamity that has struck on most every class 3-3 since 1972. This where Kouichi and Mei Misaki start to find a way to stop the curse.

Another is mainly a horror anime with some romantic element in the story involving the protagonist, Kouichi Sakakibara and Mei Misaki. But it's worth to mention as it will offer some interesting romantic interest in an anime full of suspense and tension.

5. Future Diary

dark romance anime

Future Diary is very well-known for its yandere pink-haired girl, Yuno Gasai. A girl who is obsessed to the main character, Amano Yukiteru. The story of Future Diary center on the deadly survival game in order to find the next god of time and space. Both Amano and Yuno will involved in this game, where all the participants given a diary that can predict a future. Along with Yuno, he will fight for the sake of their life and protect each other's. 

The romance is the main aspect of the series, as Yuno shows obsessive love toward Amano. Their relationship while give an important impact in the character development as the story progress.

6. School Days
horror romance anime list

Not a mainly horror anime but School Days is a romance anime with dark and disturbing elements for the plot. Follow a shy and insecure teenager, Itou Makoto, who finally befriends with two beautiful girl, Katsura Kotonoha a girl he has romantic interest to and Sekai who offers him to support his romantic life. This will be the first step for their love triangle which lead to a dark turn as Makoto selfishness led him to unexpected events. The show will explore what is the consequences of love, lust and betrayal.

7. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

best dark romance anime

A horror romance anime about a young woman who was left to die in the old school building in Seikyou Academy. No one have idea about her and how she dies. But the tale say that her wandering spirit still haunts the school until now. This give an interest to student in paranormal investigations club, which is the spookiest is that the founder of the club is the ghost herself. Trapped in between life and death, Yuuko attaches onto Teiichi Niiya, a freshman who able to see her. Together they are revealing a lot of mysterious surrounding Seikyou Academy.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is clearly horror romance anime where the show explores the supernatural phenomenon happening in the Seikyou Academy and emphasize the romantic feeling between Niiya and Yuuko.

8. Gosick

top horror romance anime

A mystery romance anime set in 1920 European country where a Japanese student Kazuya Kujo befriends a doll-like genius Victorique de Blois. Both explore the unsolved variety mysteries surrounding their school including crimes, political to supernatural. Even if Gosick is not horror anime, it is enough to horror anime fans to expect something dark element and the suspense throughout the stories. The partnership between Victorique and Kazuya growing to deep as the romantic element would highlight the series.

9. Devils Line

action horror romance anime

Devils Line show and explores the complex relationship between humans and vampires. The human is a college student girl, Tsukasa, who is rescued by half-devil, Anzai when the girl attacked by a devil. As Anzai continues to keep guard over her, the two challenges of maintaining a relationship between the two different beings. As it offers the romantic-relationship, Devils Line also features the intense action involves the dangerous creatures.

10. Blood+

survival horror romance anime

A thrilling supernatural anime mixed with romantic element. Blood+ follow Saya, the amnesiac girl who discovers that she is a powerful vampire hunter after a man gives her a katana sword. She later fighting against the ravenous immortal called Chiropteran monsters, creatures that able to change their form and disguising as human beings. The romantic element of Blood+ revolves around the relationship between Saya and her love interest Haji which add the depth of the story despite not primarily a romance anime.