New Horror Anime Series Released in 2023

horror anime 2023

Ghosts, dark magic, satanism and a lot of scary things is something we can found in horror anime. For some people horror even in anime is a nightmare, but on other side there are a lot of people who find enjoyment in watching horror anime.

Horror in films, including anime is intended to frighten, scare or disgust. The horror cinematic or the art can spread the fearness to the audiences and might affect psychologically.

If you are like to watch horror anime, you can check out some of decent upcoming horror anime in 2023. Worth to mention that, the Junji Ito's horror masterpiece manga also getting animated in 2023.

1. Dark Gathering

new horror anime 2023

A new horror supernatural anime about a young man who get cursed because of his spiritual powers. Keitarou Gentouga, a college freshman who has the ability to be a spirit medium. In his junior high school time, he is become the magnet for spirits due to his spiritual powers and this lead him and his friend get cursed. Because of the incident, he shuts himself away from the society for more than 2 years.

In order to regain his social skills, he reintroduces himself to society as private tutor and meets a genius girl named Yayoi Houzuki. Not only genius, she also has spiritual abilities like Keitarou and instantly able to tell Keitarou spirit medium abilities too. Yayoi actively encountering spirits to find the one who took her mother's soul, and dragging Keitarou along with her to a haunted location.

They start to capturing the evil spirits and Yayoi will help Keitarou to break his curse with her knowledge while Yayoi will assist her in mission.
Release Date: 2023
Studio: OLM
Source: Manga
Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Shounen

2. Akuma Kun (2023)

upcoming horror anime 2023

The first Akuma-kun anime series is originally airing from 15 April 1989 to 24 March 1990. The anime getting a brand-new anime adaptation in 2023 by Netflix. The new anime is part of four big projects commemorating the 100-year anniversary of Shigeru Mizuki's birth. 

The series follow a protagonist who is a child prodigy who appears once every 10.000 years, and all of them always nicknamed as Akuma-kun. Akuma-kun objective is to make a world where all human can live happily. For him, taking advantage from the power of demon is necessary to reach the goal. The demon entities in the series are not limited to Christian origins, rather it's features various mythical creatures described in myth and folklore from all around the world.

Release Date: 2023 
Studio: Encourage Films
Source: Manga
Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Mythology

3. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

best horror anime 2023

The new Junji Ito anime projects will premiere in 2023. It will adapts the 20 stories from Junji Ito's manga, including Tomie, Souichi and The Hanging Balloons.
Release Date: 2023
Studio: ?
Source: Manga
Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Seinen

4. In/Spectre Season 2

top horror anime 2023

The second season of In/Spectre anime. Follow a young man and a young woman who gained an unique superhuman ability after touched by spirits called yokai. They are Kuro and Kotoko and due to their common experience, Kotoko suggest Kuro to team up to deal with dangerous spirits. Since Kuro's personal life in shambles because of his superhuman ability, there is no much choice for him to accept her suggestion and they are now in partnership to deal with mysteries, from ancient demons to ghost idol.
Release Date: January 2023 | Winter 2023
Studio: Brain's Base
Source: Manga
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Mythology