Top 10 Best Virtual Youtuber You Should Subscribe

best virtual youtuber

Do you love Virtual Youtuber? Their virtual personalities and humor can't be found anywhere else. This phenomenon make Goo Ranking asked the Japan fans to choose the best Virtual Youtubers.

With the total number of playback reach more than 200 million times, Kizuna Ai shined in first place with majestic manner. Kizuna Ai has more than 2,4 million follower worldwide. Without a doubt, she is the most popular Virtual Youtber in the world. In second place, Kaguya Luna cheer you up with cute videos and followed by Hacka Doll in the third place.

best japan virtual youtuber

1. Kizuna Ai – 312 votes
2. Kaguya Luna – 54 votes
3. Hacka Doll – 49 votes
4. Obaachan – 47 votes
5. Dennou Shojo Siro – 34 votes
6. Mirai Akari – 27 votes
7. Nekomiya Hinata – 23 votes (tie)
7. Tsukino Mito – 23 votes (tie)
7. Nora Cat – 23 votes (tie)
10. Oda Nobuhime – 18 votes

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Source: Goo Ranking