Top 20 Most Attractive Heroines in Shonen Jump

best anime heroine shonen jump

Shonen Jump have many heroines to support the heroes. Beside their ability that can make even the man scared, most of them are gorgeous and attractive. But, who is the most attractive heroines in the Shonen Jump history?

Too celebrated Shonen Jump's 50th anniversary, Goo Ranking asked the japan fans to choose their most attractive anime heroine in the history of Shonen Jump!

The first is Princess Leona from Dragon Quest - Great Adventure of Dai. The series based on RPG Dragon Quest that blew to the world. Mos of the characters have unique personality. Among of them, Leona, the princess of the Papnika Kingdom, has drawn much attention. She is loved by everyone, with outstanding looks and a heart of justice.

One Piece boast tremendous worldwide popularity. The first heroine who join to the crew is Nami. Her dynamite body give her much attention from the male fans. She is in second place followed by Saeko Nogami, the beautiful detective from City Hunter in the third place.

best shonen jump heroine

  1. Leona (DRAGON QUEST) – 1,203 votes
  2. Nami (ONE PIECE) – 662 votes 
  3. Saeko Nogami (City Hunter) – 462 votes
  4. Camie Utsushimi (My Hero Academia) – 353 votes
  5. Rui Kisugi (Cat's Eye) – 290 votes 
  6. Boa Hancock (ONE PIECE) – 269 votes
  7. Yuria (Fist of the North Star) – 257 votes
  8. Tia Noto Yoko (BASTARD!! ) – 169 votes 
  9. Misery Stalker (Outer Zone) – 156 votes
  10. Bulma (Dragon Ball) – 142 votes
  11. Tsukuyo (Gintama) – 135 votes 
  12. Megumi Takani (Rurouni Kenshin) – 134 votes 
  13. Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia) – 112 votes
  14. Matsumoto Rangiku (BLEACH) – 96 votes
  15. Nico Robin (ONE PIECE) – 87 votes
  16. Tsukasa Nishino (Ichigo 100%) – 85 votes
  17. Irina Yelavich (Assassination Classroom) – 82 votes
  18. Reiko Catherine Akimoto (KochiKame) – 74 votes
  19. Lala Satalin Deviluke (To-Love Ru) – 71 votes
  20. Dakki (Hoshin Engi) – 62 votes