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Peko Peko Box is a bimonthly box subscription. Every two months, get the best of Japan at your doorsteps! Its offer consists of curated boxes from Japan including collectible and authentic souvenirs, surprising regional confections and a meet the locals fanzine.

The boxes are perfect for all Japan-enthusiasts who want to enjoy their passion evenmore. It’s also ideal for those who plan to travel to Japan in the future.

How did it all start?

Peko Peko box team is a travel agency based in Japan. For many years, they helped thousands of people enjoy the country. In early 2020, the Covid-19 crisis gave globetrotters a hard time. Visiting Japan became impossible!

To keep the travel spirit alive and help local economies, they decided to help Japan-lovers travel to the archipelago from home, by sending them local souvenirs from the regional makers they support.

Spirit of Japan gift box

Why is it different from your other subscription box?

Peko Peko box items are 100% made and/or designed in Japan. Indeed, all the confections and delicacies included in the box are made in Japan and artisanal items produced in Japan are selected when possible.

Peko Peko box items are carefully curated as the team always go on site to meet with the producers and artisans and learn more about the making process. They also make sure to document all the making process of the box by making videos about the location they visit and the artisan they meet. You can watch their latest video on their Youtube channel:

Most importantly, Peko Peko box supports small businesses and local governments all over Japan. They strive to deliver a compelling story of local people and 40% of the profit of the boxes goes to the featured artisan and makers.

Peko Peko team support the local makers for the Joge Box

What can you get and who can you meet with Peko Peko Box?

For their last box, Peko Peko took us to Kamakura ( ! Here are 2 makers they featured in their box.

Travel to Kamakura gift box

Meet Saito-san

In the center of Kamakura, Peko Peko Box found Shatoh, a washi paper shop established in 1969. The shop handles high-quality Japanese paper goods from all over the country. They partnered with mister Saito to keep his traditional printing technique alive in our rapidly modernizing world. For each batch, mister Saito gets the ink mixture ready to his liking. The postcard he holds in his hands represents the buddhist statue of Yakushinyorai from Kakuonji temple in kamakura and is a perfect example of the collaboration between an artist, carver and printer. The post card was included in the box.

Mister Saito - Kamakura box

Meet Suzuki-san

Bell Time Coffee is a coffee shop located in Kita-Kamakura. It was at first a sake shop, but with the increasing numbers of tourists in the city, the owners decided to convert themselves into a coffee shop and make it a place for visitors to have a break between two visits. Passionate, Suzuki-san, the owner, roasts his coffee beans himself, while his mum greets customers, ground coffee beans to order, and skillfully brews delicious drip coffees.

Ordinary coffee beans are roasted at 400 degrees for 5 minutes, but Bell time roasts at a maximum temperature of 173 degrees for 40 minutes. With a low-temperature approach, you don’t have to worry about burning the beans, so you can spend more time roasting them to bring out the flavor of your coffee beans. Also, because the temperature is low, you will be amazed at the range of flavors that cannot be felt by high-temperature roasting.

Mr. Suzuki prepared 3 kinds of blends for the Pekopeko box. Belltime blend, the signature blend, uses beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala. The second is Ogane Coffee, named after the famous Engakuji Ogane (a big temple bell), which is right next to the Belltime coffee shop. The last blend is Pekopeko blend, a deep roasted blend.

Meet Suzuki-san and his mum at Bell Time Coffee - Kamakura box

What is next?!

For its next box, Peko Peko Box will take you to Asakusa! Travel to this traditional area of Tokyo, meet with amazing artisans and receive your souvenirs at home!

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Asakusa Box will be the next Peko Peko Box

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