8 New Madhouse Anime Announced for 2023 & 2024

madhouse anime 2024

Ever heard about a joke about a big anime studio that never making second seasons? It's Madhouse. The joke started just because one of their works never getting second season, No Game No Life. However, it's just a joke, no need to take it seriously as Madhouse in fact has produced quite a lot of anime with its second season including Black Lagoon, Overlord and No Guns Life.

As one of the big anime studio Madhouse already produced a lot of popular anime like One Punch Man, Hunter X Hunter (2011, Death Note and now Frieren: Beyond Journey's End. The studio established in 1972 and 2024 marking their 52 years of their journey in anime industry.

Madhouse, being one of the fans favourite make the Madhouse anime project worth the wait. In 2023 we witness quite a lot of anime project from Madhouse and some of the new anime announced for 2024.

1. The Vampire Dies in No Time 2

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One of the Madhouse anime series with sequel. The second season of The Vampire Dies in No Time released in 2023, with both seasons produced by Madhouse. The story follows invincible vampire lord, Draluc and a vampire hunter Ronaldo.

Ronaldo receives a job to rescue a boy who is kidnapped by Draluc in his castle. As Ronaldo arrives, he discover that Draluc is called as invincible is nothing but just his ability to revive almost instantly after turned into dust. He is literally the weakest vampire as anything can kill him and turned him into dust.

The kid who allegedly kidnapped by Draluc just sneak into Draluc's castle to play video games. However, there was chaos, and the castle ends up destroyed at the end. Being homeless, Draluc moves to Ronaldo's flat along with his familiar, a cute armadillo named John. The situation led them to work together as partners.
Release Date: 9 January 2023 | Winter 2023
Source: Manga
Author: Itaru Bonnoki
Genres: Comedy, Supernatural, Gag

2. My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

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A romantic comedy anime by Madhouse follows a Akana Kinoshita, female college student who just got dumped by her boyfriend for a woman he met in online video games. The only left for her is her avatar in online video games (Forest of Savior) that she started to play it to share her boyfriend's hobby.

She relieveing her stress by rampaging through the open hunting grounds of the game and spills everything about her heartbreak to "Yamada", a player from the same guild as her. "Yamada" is an emotionless and handsome highschool boy who is his real name is Akito Yamada.

One day, Akane attend an offline meeting and make an effort to look more beautiful just to make her ex regret dumping her. This will lead to Akane's fateful encounter with Yamada. 
Release Date: 2 April 2023 | Spring 2023
Source: Manga
Author: Mashiro
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Video Games

3. The Gene of AI

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Set in futuristic world where humanoids and robots living together with human. The story follow a human doctor, Hikaru Sudo who is specailizing in treating humanoids. Humanoids do suffer from diseases like humans, but there are treatments options only to them.

As the technology develop, humanity face the new and more complex question to the society. This is a wide ranging story about the love and friendship that examines the problems arise due to the differences between human and humanoids perspectives.
Release Date: 8 July 2023 | Summer 2023
Source: Manga
Author: Kyuri Yamada
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Psychological

4. Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

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An Adventure Fantasy anime follow an elf mage, Frieren traveled with Himmel the Hero, Heiter the priest and Eisen the dwarf warriors in order to defeat the demon king. After ten years of their journey, they finally defeated the demon king and the peace returned to the humanity. She later sepearated with others and make a promises that she will back to see them again.

As an elf, Frieren can live for over thousands years and make her not understanding the time flows between her and her human companions. Fifty years later, Frieren visit Himmel and the others. She remain the same, but Himmel and the others have aged and only have a little time left to lives.

After she witnesses Himmel's death, Frieren realized her desire to spent more time to know more about the meaning of the humans around her. She ten begins a new journey to find the answer.
Release Date: 29 September 2023 | Fall 2023
Source: Manga
Author: Kanehito Yamada | Artist: Tsukasa Abe
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

5. Trillion Game

new madhouse anime 2024

A new upcoming anime from Madhouse adapted from manga with the same title, Trillion Game. It already adapted into live action drama in 2023 with 10 episodes by Netflix.

Trillion Game centers on Haru and Gaku, the two founders of big company Trillion Game. The two have similar but not the same about Dragon Bank, a nation largest IT company. Haru, is a charismatic communicator who turned down the prestigious position at the company. While Gaku is an IT enthusiast who getting rejected from Dragon Bank, not for his skill but due to his lack of communication skills.

They are now the first Japanese people to be listed in the top 10 World's Richest in the 21st century. This will be the story from Gaku's perspective, who recalled how he reach this far, from his first encounter with Haru, the first establishment of their company and all people involved in their success.
Release Date: TBA
Source: Manga
Author: Riichiro Inagaki | Artist: Ryoichi Ikegami
Genres: Drama, Seinen


6. Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom

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The only anime movies project by Madhouse in 2023. The story set in the Gold Kingdom and the Water Kingdom, two rival kingdoms that have been in poor relationship for a long time. The history of both kingdoms filled with long battles until they decided to build a wall to separate the two lands.

100 years later, an agreement occurred between the two in order to bringing stability. The agreement is a marriage between the most beautiful girl from Gold Kingdom and the most clever man from the Water Kingdom.

Sara, a princess from the Gold Kingdom and Naranbayar, a young man from Water Kingdom, together the two must act as a married couple to maintain peace between the two kingdoms. As time passes, they slowly falling in love for each other.
Release Date: 27 January 2023 | Winter 2023
Source: Manga
Author: Nao Iwamoto
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

7. OVERLORD: The Sacred Kingdom

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One of the best isekai anime, OVERLORD will return in 2024 and will adapts the light novel volume 12 and 13, the Sacred Kingdom arc. The Sacred Kingdom gained a long peace without war thanks to Great Wall.

The arc covers the invasion of demi-humans lead by Jaldabaoth against the Sacred Kingdom. Realize that their defence is not enough for the threat posed by demi-humans, they are planned request aid from the Sorcerer Kingdom. Led by Ainz Own Goal, the Sacred Kingdoms sets out to defeat the Demen Emperor, Jaldabaoth.
Release Date: 2024
Source: Light Novel
Author: Kugane Maruyama | Illustration: so-bin
Genres: Isekai, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

8. Orb: On the Movements of the Earth

new madhouse anime 2024

A historical anime centers on the movement of the earth. It's set in the fifteenth century of Europe where stating that Earth revolves around the sun could get burned at the stake.

A briliant young man, Rafal, is expected to be another great mind in theology. One day a man introduced him the truth about the universe. He begins research about it and leads him to the shocking conclusion of the truth that Earth orbits the sun.   

Release Date: 2024
Source: Manga
Author: Uoto
Genres: Historical