All 17 Upcoming Isekai Anime to be Released in 2024

isekai anime 2024

There is no sign of declining of isekai trend and even reached its peak in the mid of 2023, according to Google Trends. That means that a lot of people still watch isekai no matter what they say on internet about it.

Love it or hate it, isekai still the favorite. That make us witnessed a lot of isekai anime every year and every season. More than 25 isekai animes released in 2023, and now let's take a look for the year of 2024.

After almost five years without any information about the sequel, Konosuba finally surprised the fans with new two series, including the third season that will be released in 2024. The continuation of Tensura and Tsukimichi will air next year. Not forget to mention the new series such as The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic, Fluffy Paradise, Tales of Wedding Rings and more in 2024.

All 31 New Isekai Anime Released in 2023

1. TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy- Season 2

new isekai anime 2024

TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy- will continue in 2024 with second season. The success of the anime brings the anime series to become the highest overseas sales record among all Nippon TV anime in 2021.

The story follows Makoto Misumi, an ordinary high school boy who suddenly summoned to another world to become a hero. In the world where beauty is everything, The Goddess of this new world considered Makoto ugly and call of his duty as hero. In this new world Makoto able to understand all languages except human languages to avoid him interact with other human. This situation brings him to the wilderness at the edge of the world.

His journey toward the wilderness, lead him to his new destiny as Makoto encountered various mythical beings like dragons, orcs and dwarves who captivated by his unique aura and together they are building a new civilization.

As a human, Makoto has desire to join human society, but his ugliness, lack of human languages, and powerfull aura make him being avoided by other human. He and his new companions trying to resolve this as time goes on.
Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Light Novel
Author: Kei Azumi | Illustration: Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

2. The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic 

upcoming isekai anime 2024

On rainy day on his way home, an average student named Ken Usato encounter two fellow students, student council president Suzune and classmate Kazuki. All of sudden all three of them swallowed up by a magic circle and bring them to another world. They are summoned to be heroes to save the kingdom from demon king's army, except for Usato who is just dragged along by accident.

However, Usato discovered his capability of using healing magic, a rare magic in this fantasy world. He spends his day with Rose, the leader of live-saving corps as he learns the wrong way to use healing magic.
Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: Shin-Ei Animation
Source: Light Novel
Author: Kurokata | Illustration: KeG
Genres: Action, Fantasy

3. My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered

isekai anime released 2024

An entire class transported into another world while on their way on school trip. One of them Yogiri Takatou somehow sleeping and missing out on the Gift, a power bestowed upon the others by a Sage who transport them. However, he gained a secret power which is able to kill anything just by willing it.

In this horrible world where where the adult getting killed for petty reasons, the student tells by the Sage they are here to be trained as sages to fight demons. Yogiri who getting abandoned by his friends looks for a way back with his classmate Tomochika Dannora.
Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: Okuruto Noboru
Source: Light Novel
Author: Tsuyoshi Fujitaka | Illustration: Chisato Naruse
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

4. Tales of Wedding Rings

isekai anime release 2024

A fantasy anime packed with romance life between Satou and his bestfriend, Hime in another world. They have been together for long time as neighbor. Suddenly, Hime said goodbye and tell Satou that she is moving back to his home to get married, and the first thing Satou thought is to follow her and crash her wedding.

When Satou chased after her, he found himself in another world. As planned, he is getting a kiss from Hime and becomes the new groom, unknowingly that her husband is destined to be legendary hero and save the world. Satou is now supposed to fulfill his duties as Ring King, a hero who will save the world from the Abyssal King.
Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: Staple Entertainment
Source: Manga
Author: Maybe
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi, Harem, Seinen

5. Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I'm Not the Demon Lord

all isekai anime 2024

Follow Yumiella Dolkness, a side character from RPG Otome game who end up as hidden boss after the ending of the game. Yumiella who is actually a reincarnator, was nothing more than an introvert college student and gamer. As she realized that she reincarnated as hidden boss, she is determined to survive and starting to grind her level. Her goal is clear, avoid her demise at the hand of the protagonist and living a peaceful life.

However, her gamer instinct led her to maxes out her level at 99 before entering the academy, which is level 10 was the highest expected from the students. Her level causing unnecessary attention and give the people wrong idea about her power and think that she is the Demon Lord.
Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: Jumondo
Source: Light Novel
Author: Satori Tanabata | Illustration: Tea
Genres: Fantasy, Reincarnation

6. Fluffy Paradise

isekai anime list 2024

An isekai story where the protagonist dead of overwork. Midori Akitsu ends up in another world after dying from overwork. She got blessed by the God with a special ability that make her to be loved by non-human beings like a white tiger and dragons.

Nema, her new identity in this world, has to tell the god whether she think humans deserve to continue existing in this world in return to her special power. In her new life, she is hoping to relieve the exhaustion of the harsh life she's lived with petting and fluffing cute fantasy animals. Her new destiny makes her determined to do her best to coexist with human and all living creatures in her new life.

Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: EMT Squared
Source: Light Novel
Author: Himawari | Illustration: Kiouran
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

7. The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash

isekai 2024

An isekai anime follow a cute little girl named Ivy. In the world where stars are everything, a starless tamer like her make her hated and abandoned by her family. In order to survive, Ivy decides to live in the forest. Everything changes for her when she finds a weak, dying slime and tames it. She named it Sora and together they set off on a new adventure collecting discarded items to survive.
Release Date: 12 January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: Studio Massket
Source: Light Novel
Author: Honobonoru500 | Illustration: Nama
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

8. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3

new isekai 2024

The Tensura anime continue with season 3 and slated for 2024. The third season will cover the story from the 7th volume of the light novel after the defeat of lord Clayman by Rimuru. Hinata Sakaguchi, an Imperial Guard of Holy Empire of Lubelius, who attacked Rimuru before, feeling worried about a revenge and forcing her to go to the Tempest to get things done before their worries happened.

---- Tensura also get 3-episodes original anime slated for Fall 2023

Release Date: April 2024 | Spring 2024
Studios: ?
Source: Light Novel
Author: Fuse | Illustration: Mitz Vah
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

9. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Part 2

isekai anime series 2024

The continuation for Mushoku Tensei Season 2. The first part of second season ended where Rudeus finally propose his childhood friend, Sylphiette after Ariel asking Rudeus to protect Sylphiette.

Release Date: April 2024 | Spring 2024
Studios: Studio Bind
Source: Light Novel
Author: Rifujin na Magonote | Illustration: Shirotaka
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Ecchi

10. KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world! 3

best isekai anime 2024

KONOSUBA continues! The third season slated for 2024 and start the story from the Light Novel volume 6 where Kazuma and his party invited by Princess Iris of the Kingdom of Belzerg to the royal banquet. Fascinated with his tales of adventure, make Princess Iris liking to him and Kazuma ends up transported to the royal castle. For Kazuma life with Iris is a dream come true, until he hears rumour about Righteous Thief stalking to the capital leading Kazumi to declare to capture the thief.
Release Date: 2024
Studios: Drive
Source: Light Novel
Author: Natsume Akatsuki | Illustration: Kurone Mishima
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Parody, Reincarnation

11. Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Season 2

top isekai anime 2024

The first season of Seiroi Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles ended when a high school girl and two children appear not long after the pillar of light gone. The high school girl is Ayase Miharu, Rio's childhood love on his previous life. The second season will likely begin when Rio trying to save them from the trader who kidnapping them.
Release Date: 2024
Studios: ?
Source: Light Novel
Author: Yuri Kitayama | Illustration: Riv
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Harem, Reincarnation

12. As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I'll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World

isekai anime recommendations 2024

Follow a 35-year-old ordinary salaryman who suddenly face his death and reborn in another world as Ars Louvent, a young son of minor noble who owns a small domain. Neither strong or intelligent, Ars gained a fabulous Aprraisal skill: a skill that can determine other's abilities and statuses. 

In order to solve the plenty of problem in Louvent family's territory, he uses his skill to find and recruit the best talented individual. From magic and swordmanship to strategy and diplomacy to become his servants and allies to strengthening them for upcoming war.
Release Date: 2024
Studios: studio MOTHER
Source: Light Novel
Author: Miraijin A | Illustration: Jimmy
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Reincarnation

13. No Longer Allowed In Another World

isekai anime shows 2024

Follow a melancholic autor Osamu Dazai in his adventure in another world with cute girls by his side and video game-like power. It's sound like a dream by the modern people, but no for him who life in 1948 where video games haven't been invented yet.

So, when he trapped in another world, he just keeps running into the way of his poetic dream of finding the perfect place to die. However, whatever he did to risk his side, it seems everything keep turning out okay. This is will be the story of miserable hero like no other in cheefully bleak isekai comedy.
Release Date: 2024
Studios: ?
Source: Web Manga
Author: Hiroshi Noda | Illustration: Takahiro Wakamatsu
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

14. Isekai no Yu

isekai anime list 2024

A short TV isekai anime based on light novel published by Hobby Japan. It follows Yoshizo Yukawa, a man who are a big fan of onsen who finds hidden spring to revive the economy of the town. When he is working for it, he is falling off a cliff and dies.

Thanks to inary deity at a small shrine hidden in the rock, he reincarnated into another world. His search of hot springs continues, but in another world accompanied by inari's messenger princess, Mayudama. When he found the hot springs, he ends up enjoy his time with elf girls and kemonomimi girls.

Release Date: January 2024 | Winter 2024
Studios: ?
Source: Light Novel
Author: Menrui
Genres: Fantasy, Ecchi

15. Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers

2024 isekai anime

Set in Magical Kingdom of Klyrode where the hundreds of heroes from another world summoned every year to fight against Dark One and his demon army. One of them is Banaza, who was summoned from Royal Capital Paluma. Unfortunately, as a hero he had no special skills and get rejected.

Abandoned in another world and can't go back, he must find a way to survive in this kingdom. Everything changes when he reaches level two and finds himself with super cheat powers and powerful skill he himself never expected. 

Release Date: 2024
Studios: J.C. Staff
Source: Light Novel
Author: Miya Kinojo | Illustration: Katagiri
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

16. I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History

2024 new isekai anime

Follow a girl who hates good girl characteristic that heroines tend to make. As her wish, she reincarnated into her favorite otome game as villainess, Alicia. In this new life, she will be going to become the most evil villaines in the world will mark her own history. However, the more she tries to become more evil, the more the prince appears to like her.

Release Date: 2024
Studios: ?
Source: Light Novel
Author: Izumi Okido | Illustration: Jyun Hayase
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Reincarnation

17. The New Gate

2024 upcoming isekai anime

An online game named THE NEW GATE is a game where thousands of players fight for a life-and-death situation. Shin, the most skilled player will end the game and let all the players get their freedom. After the defeats of the last boss, he thoughts able to escape the game when a flashlight blinded his eyes. However, he finds himself trapped in 500 years later in the game's world. This will embark his new journey in a completely a new land as legendary player.

Release Date: 2024
Studios: ?
Source: Light Novel
Author: Shinogi Kazanami | Illustration: Makai no Junin, KeG, Akira Banpai
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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