Tifa Lockhart Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

tifa lockhart dissidia final fantasy

It's a perfect month for Tifa Lockhart fans. We have seen Tifa's debut on Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now, it's time for Tifa joins the Team Ninja's crossover fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. 

This news announced during a special Square Enix livestream. Square Enix will bring the original Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.

She will be added to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for arcades on June 27, and consoles on July 3. Tifa will join a packed roster that already includes Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. In the game, she’ll be a speed-type fighter. She will available as paid DLC on July 2 via Steam and July 3 via PlayStation Store.

Here's the footage and costume variations:

tifa lockhart dissidia final fantasy nt

tifa lockhart dissidia final fantasy costume

The Dissidia Final Fantasy was released in 2015 for Japanese arcades, while the PlayStation 4 version released in January 2018 worldwide. It's the sequel to PSP game Dissidia Final Fantasy. In 2019 the PC version was released.

New Tifa Lockhart Appearance on Final Fantasy VII Remake

Source: Polygon, Kotaku