Top 7 Upcoming Anime & Manga Live Action Adaptations in 2022

anime live action 2022

There are bad and good live action adaptations. But, we always expecting something good for Japanese live action, especially live action adapted from manga and anime.

While a lot of people wanted for their popular anime or manga getting live action adaptation, Japan (as well as US) give the answer and it's ... Yes!.

Anime and manga is now getting live action adaptation more than ever. With the existence of Netflix, the chance to see our favorite series adapted into live-action series or film is getting higher.

But now, while waiting for your favorite anime and manga adapted into live action, let's take a bit look for upcoming anime/manga live actions that will released in 2022.

1. Alice in Borderland Season 2

upcoming anime live action 2022

Alice in Borderland live action getting sequel and will premiere in December 2022. The live action based on Imawa no Kuni no Alice manga series by Haro Aso.

The first season streamed worldwide on Netflix last year (2020). It was the most viewed Japanese live action series in Japan that year and ranked in Netflix's Top 10 in 40 countries.

Alice in Borderland sequel previewed on New Live-Action Japanese Lineup on Netflix Festival Japan 2021 event.
Premiere: December 2022
Source: Manga

2. HiGH&LOW The Worst 2

new anime live action 2022

The live-action film of HIGH&LOW The Worst continue in 2022. It's announced on the HiGH&LOW official website and the sequel film set to release in early Fall 2022.

The film is collaboration of HiGH&LOW franchise and Worst of Crows series and the Crows and Worst manga creator, Hiroshi Takahashi will manage the script of the film along with Hiranuma, Shōichirō Masumoto, Kei Watanabe, and Kamijō.

HiGH&LOW The Worst center on a conflict between the student of Hosen Academy from Crows and Worst and the student of Oya High School from HiGH&LOW.
Premiere: Fall 2022
Source: Manga

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3. Way of the Househusband Live Action

japanese live action 2022

After anime and live action series adaptation, Way of the Househusband getting live action film adaptation in 2022. The live-action film will open in early summer 2022.

The manga, follow a retired yakuza known as Immortal Tatsu who is living in his post-crime as a house husband.

Premiere: Summer 2022
Source: Anime/Manga

4. BL Metamorphosis

live action from anime 2022

The BL Metamorphosis manga by Kaori Tsurutani getting live-action film adaptation in Summer 2022.

The story follow a 75 years old woman named Ichinoi living a peaceful life. One day, she unwittingly buys a BL manga and fascinated by what she finds inside. Next time when she wanted to buy the next volume, Urara, a girl working in the bookstore and a BL fan offers to help Ichinoi to explore this whole new world of fiction. This is the story of the two girls cross-generation friendship dive into BL fandom together.

Premiere: Summer 2022
Source: Manga

5. Usogui Live Action

manga live action 2022

Usogui, the manga about gambling announced the live-action film adaptation will be opens in February 2022. The story is about brilliant gambler named aku "Usogui" Madarame as he lays down his life as the wager for various games.

Premiere: February 2022
Source: Manga

6. Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai Live Action

japan live action 2022

Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai Live Action series will starts airing 2022 on WOWOW. It's based on horror comedy manga by Umi Shiina. The story tells about the perfect relationship between two love, Yuri-chan and Aono-kun until Aono-kun suddenly "passed away".

Premiere: Spring 2022
Source: Manga

7. Bungo Stray Dogs the Movie: BEAST

japanese live action 2022

Bungou Stray Dogs live action adaptation have been announced since two years ago after the Bungou Stray Dogs: Sansha Teiritsu stage play. The film adaptation of Bungou Stray Dogs will open in 7 January 2022.

This is a what-if stories imagines if Atsushi Nakajima and Ryunosuke Akutagawa swapped their roles, Atsushi in the Port Mafia and Akutagawa in Armed Detective Agency.
Premiere: 7 January 2022
Source: Anime / Manga / Light Novel