Top 10 New Adventure Anime Series Released in 2023

adventure anime 2023

Exploring a new place, take a quest, and travelling around the world. Adventure anime is all about a journey to accomplish something such as treasure hunts, reveals a lost place and even save the world. A good adventure anime will bring excitement to us like we also feel the stir of the journey.

Adventure anime might not as popular as action, but most of the time adventure is packed with action anime, so you can enjoy both the epic battles and the exciting journey at the same time.

We can check out some good new adventure anime in 2023, including the most hyped Solo Leveling and the new VRMMORPG anime Shangri-La Frontier.

1. Shangri-La Frontier

upcoming adventure anime 2023

Set in the near future, where next-gen gaming is now full-dive VR, and the display screens gaming considered as retro games. There are many trash games where the games are full of glitches, rushed and lacks of visual. Rakuro Hizutome, a second year high school student is a trash game hunter. Playing with the Sunraku as nicknames he beating the crap out of them until he reached the "level" where he master them despite the difficulty due to their glitches.

When he reach the burnout syndrome after finished the "Faeria Chronicle Online" trash game, he decides to change things up and playing a new "god-tier" VR game Shangri-La Frontier (SLF). Using the same nickname Sunraku, he begin his adventure to the new excellent VR game. With his all of skill and as an expert of trash game, things are going well at first as he takes down a some weak monster. But, is it will goes smooth over the time? The answer is on the 2023.
Release Date: 2023
Studio: C2C
Source: Manga
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

2. The Legendary Hero is Dead!

new adventure anime 2023

A funny adventure anime about the death of hero by accident. It's Touka, who is accidentally kills the hero because the hero fallen into the pitfalls Touka dug. The pitfalls is supposed to defend the village of Cheza against the demons, yet it's also kills the Hero. Anri Haynesworth, a necromancer forcing Touka's soul into Shion's body and dragging him along to Hell's Gate in Shion's place. His childhood friend Yuna tags along them and set them to the mission to save the world as the most unsuitable party.
Release Date: 2023
Source: Manga
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi


best adventure anime 2023

A new Trigun anime adaptation. Trigun set on No Man's Land planet and follow Vash the Stampede, a famous gunman who is constantly fighting bounty hunters seeking to obtain the immense bounty on his head. 
Release Date: 2023
Studio: Orange
Source: Manga
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

4. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

adventure anime 2023 list

Set in the Kingdom of Highland, in the world where fairies sold to the highest bidder and serve humans. In this world, human are not exactly on friendly terms with the fairies.

But, there is a girl named Anne, who is after her mother passed away, she decides to carry on the family trade and become a magical candy artisan. She seeks a friendship relationship with her new fairy bodyguard, Challe, though he is not so keen on the idea. Anne and her bodyguard sets on a journey to the capital through a particularly dangerous area.
Release Date: 2023
Studio: J.C.Staff
Source: Light Novel
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

5. Solo Leveling

More than a decade since the "gates" appeared. The gates connect the world with a different dimension. This lead to certain humans awakened to supernatural powers and called as hunters. The hunters make their living to conquering the dungeons inside the gates using their powers.

Jinwoo Sung, who known as the weakest hunter finds a hidden dungeon along with his party. Determined to change his life, he is take the opportunity and finds it is a bit different from he is expected. He getting serious injury in the hidden dungeon and the mysterious quest appeared. He decides to accept the quest and starts leveling up, while the others are not.

Release Date: 2023
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Source: Web Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

6. The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World

top adventure anime 2023

The new adventure of exorcist in another world. The story of Haruyoshi, the strongest exorcist who was on the verge dying after betrayed by his companions. He wishes to be happy in his next life and attempted the secret technique of reincarnation and sent him to another world.

In the world of magic, he was born into a family of magicians and supposed to be master the inherit magic, but he failed. However, the magic in this world is nothing compared to his previous abilities as an exorcist. He decides to survive in this world with his old techniques.
Release Date: January 2023 | Winter 2023
Studio: Studio Blanc
Source: Light Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

7. Handyman Saitou In Another World

best new adventure anime 2023

Follow Saitou, an ordinary handyman who is reincarnated into another world where his skills are very useful. He is now using his handyman experience to help his party exploring dungeon, which is useful to open locked chest or fix their armor.
Release Date: January 2023 | Winter 2023
Studio: C2C
Source: Manga
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

8. Giant Beasts of Ars

adventure anime release 2023

Follow Jiiro, who is living by hunting the Kyoju in the world where human and giant beasts fight each other. It all started after human stole the land created by giant beast lead the giant beast started to eating human. Humans fight back as the Kyouji started spreading around the world causing great damage. Jiiro and his friend start their journey in order to reveal the secrets of the world.
Release Date: January 2023 | Winter 2023 
Studio: Asahi Production
Source: Original
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

9. Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World

adventure anime series 2023

Cain von Silford, who was previously a young man named Shiina Kazuya who is died after getting killed in Japan. After the incident, he suddenly wakes up in the 3-year-old child in the noble family in another world. His new life Cain von Silford is blessed with very immense magical power. As his dream is traveling to the world as a free spirit, is a must that he should keep secret his power to anyone. This will be the beginning of an adventure of escapist in another world.

Release Date: April 2023 | Spring 2023
Studios: Magic Bus, EMT Squared
Source: Light Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Harem

10. Kaina of the Great Snow Sea

new adventure anime

An adventure fantasy in the world where land is being swallowed by the Great Snow Sea. Humanity struggle to survive living around the routes of massive Orbital Tree, in which the branches spread into the Celestial Membrane high above the ground. The story will center on a boy named Kaina who live in the Celestial Membrane and Liliha, the princess of the small country Atland in the Great Snow Sea. 
Release Date: January 2023 | Winter 2023
Studio: Polygon Pictures
Source: Manga
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy