Upcoming Chinese Anime (Donghua) to be Released in 2023

chinese anime 2023

Anime is success bring the Japanese culture more known to the world. It's now one of the favorite mediums to learn a little about Japan. Japanese anime itself welcomed to world audiences due to its unique animation-style and voice acting.

When Japanese anime already gained the popularity among the international audiences, what about neighboring country? Let's say South Korea and China. Both South Korean and Chinese animation actually exist. If you never know about it, you might to search about God Of Highschool or Tower of God. These two are the South Korean animations adapted from manhwa in collaboration with Crunchyroll.

Now, what about Chinese animation? Chinese animation is known for donghua for international audiences. With its fascinating characteristics, Chinese animation is slowly becoming more popular than before and getting more attention from anime fans.

You might ever watch a 3D Chinese animation videos on youtube, yet you can't find any information about it. It mostly because the videos just teaser and no confirmation the adaptation. Here, I will listed some of Chinese animations / donghua coming in 2023 so you might able find what you are looking for.

1. Jian Wang 3: Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jianxin 3 Part 2

best chinese anime 2023

The second part of Jian Wang 3: Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jianxin Season 3. The continuation of an average boy, Shen Jianxin in his journey to become a legendary hero.
English:  JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin 3rd Season - Part 2
Release: 2023
Studios: Shengying Animation
Source: Video Game
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

2. Chang Yuan Tu

new chinese anime 2023

Follow Meng Chuan who seeks for avenge after his mother getting killed in front of him and spend his days for training.

English: Azure Legacy
Release: 2023
Studios: Shenman Entertainment
Source: Web Novel
Genres: Action, Fantasy

3. Xi Xing Ji: Nian Bo Ju Ji

upcoming chinese anime 2023

The fifth season of Xi Xing Ji. A tale about the journey to the West in search of Sutra after missing for more than a decade.
English: The Westward 5
Release: 2023
Studios: BYMENT
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

4. Xi Xing Ji: Kuang Wang

top chinese anime 2023

Xi Xing Ji: Kuang Wang is a prequel of the Xi Xing Ji. The story revolves around the journey of the young Asura King who reigned over the Three Realms.

English: Asura
Release: 2023
Studios: BYMENT
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

5. Wu Di de Zuqiu

upcoming donghua 2023

A story in the tropical island of southern China where Wu and his friends are playing football passionately.
English: Wu Di's Football
Release: 2023
Studios: Heart & Soul Animation
Source: Original
Genres: Sports

6. Zhe Tian

donghua 2023

English: Shrouding the Heavens
Release: 2023
Studios: Original Force
Source: Web Novel
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

7. Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu 1 : Jiang Shi Pian

new donghua 2023

An animation adaptation from Zhang Xiong Bo manhua. Originally scheduled for 2017, but it rescheduled for 2023.
English: Westbound Apocalypse 1
Release: 9 June 2023
Studios: Big Firebird Cultural Media
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Fantasy

8. Nitian Xie Shen

best donghua 2023

Follow a man who was reborn into the world after getting mocked, abandoned and murdered on the night of his wedding thanks to the Mirror of Samsara. He takes this chance to achieve the pinnacle of power.
English: Against the Gods
Release: 6 January 2023
Studios: Foch
Source: Web Novel
Genres: Action, Fantasy

9. TAISU project

chinese anime list 2023

An animation project by Watanabe Shinichiro, Morita Shuhei, Richard Taylor, Li Wei and Weng Ming about the journey across time where love and hope twisted.
Release: 2023
Studios: Chirying Culture
Source: Original
Genres: Adventure