Top 10 Best Shounen Anime That Never Grow Old

best shounen anime

Shounen is the most popular genre in anime and for a good reason, people of any age and gender can watch it with its intriguing stories and various variety of characters.

Even if the anime is old, people can enjoy it. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Top 10 Shounen Anime That Never Grow Old.

Here are the top 10 shounen anime that never grow old.


best shonen anime

An anime where basically 2 Sherlock Holmes-type characters are fighting each other just by using their brains. Death Note is a crime suspense anime mixed with supernatural beings. With both of them being one step ahead of each other at the same time if that makes sense. This is one of those anime that you can rewatch as many times as you want and still not get tired of it.


top shounen anime

JoJo’s is a unique anime that has multiple parts and all of those parts have different protagonists but all of them are connected to each other through the Joestar bloodline. All the protagonists have different personalities from each other with different supporting casts in every part and each one of them has different abilities with iconic and evil villains.


top shonen anime

Who doesn’t like cool and badass characters fighting with swords that’s basically what bleach is and that never gets old. Bankai is one of the most iconic abilities in anime and whenever someone uses it people go mad over it. With great side characters and villains. Bleach is one of those anime you can not watch anytime and will not get tired of.


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With the Arabian world setting, for the most part, Magi is one of those unique anime that doesn’t have that generic world but instead has diversity, with characters having Arabic names like Alibaba, Aladdin, Sinbad, etc. And not only that it has the dungeon system which is really popular nowadays with webtoons and manhwa. Also, the magic fights are really good with great animation and Sinbad being one of the most badass characters in anime.


shounen anime

Everyone knows about Dragon Ball, even if someone’s not into anime they must have heard or seen Dragon Ball at one point in their lives. With Dragon Ball being so iconic and Goku being an icon in this medium if you just want to see a fighter fight strong opponents just watch Dragon Ball and this is one of those anime that never gets old.


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Having a wholesome protagonist turn to the dark said and providing us with one of the best rage moments in anime is the protagonist of HxH. Not only that but the way Togashi portrays human emotions is just outstanding, people would watch this anime and would want to rewatch it multiple times this is just that kind of an anime.


best shounen

The One Piece manga is already the best-selling manga in the world with over 500 million copies sold and it's not even finished yet there is a reason for its success as well, the great world-building, great plot, and great characters overall whether it be the main cast, the side characters or the villains, One Piece has it all. Even though it has not ended yet One Piece is a story that will never get old.


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In this anime, we follow Gintoki who is a samurai and a man who just needs to make a living and does that by doing odd jobs (but he still can’t pay his rent). Even though it's mostly comedic which in itself is one of the best comedic anime out there but the serious moments are really well portrayed. The themes of the show are done really well.


shounen recommendations

The story of a boy who never gave up no matter what, is Naruto. Naruto is the kind of story that people of any age can watch and learn from it, the show not only shows how to overcome hardships but the way Naruto’s story progresses is just amazing. With Naruto having one of the best hand-to-hand combat fights in all of anime, it is a treat for everyone’s eyes.


shonen recommendations

FMAB is one of those shows that everyone loves because of the wholesome bond between the 2 brothers but the horrible fate both have to face and overcome, with 64 episodes this anime is one of the greatest of all time. It has everything a story needs: a great cast, a great plot, and great fights. This is an anime that will never get old.

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