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Anime demand is growing and exploring some upcoming anime list is what anime fans need before decide what anime to watch. If you are finding recommendation for upcoming anime list, you are in the right place.

Every year we always waiting the new anime and need to find some recommendation before watching it. Here, you can exploring the compilation list of anticipated upcoming anime list every years by popular genres, formats and seasons.


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When we heard about action, we expect an intense fight and epic battle. An action anime will give you an exciting feeling when you watch the fight scenes in it. The good quality visual effects and action sequences and the battle scenes will satisfy us. Fullmetal Alchemist, Kill la Kill and Fate Zero are some examples of it.

Now, since we are talking about new anime, there are several upcoming action anime you should look in the year of 2023. From conclusion season of Attack on Titan, the return of Jujutsu Kaisen and some brand-new action anime.

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Most of the time fantasy anime interrelated to action anime. In the fantasy anime usually set in the fantasy world where the magic and mythical creature exist. Fantasy world is not something that absolute in fantasy anime, sometime, supernatural and sci-fi still considered as fantasy as well. Isekai, an anime subgenre that become a new trend for anime industries is also connected to fantasy anime.

Looking forward to upcoming fantasy anime in 2023. From the love-deep fantasy romance between the Beast King and female human, a dragon slayer trying to change the fate in order to protect his loved ones, or the reborn Hero-King as a woman in noble family. All of it will coming next year.

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As mentioned before, the isekai anime is connected to fantasy anime. It's a subgenre focuses on the character transported into another world, and it's often a fantasy world, but also virtual world, another planet and parallel universe. An overpowered protagonist, cheater or pro gamer are something common in isekai anime. Sword Art Online, is an example where we can see every of it. 

Currently, isekai is the most popular genres and the demands still growing. Whether the people like it or hate it, we will see more and more isekai anime. Even the harem-isekai that said to be hated waiting us in the summer 2022, it's titled Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World. But we also have an isekai anime that loved by the fans returning with the sequel, such as Overlord and Konosuba.

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An exciting journey to exploring the new things, treasure hunts and even saving the world. In adventure anime, setting plays an important role which is typically set in far away lands like "lost place". These kinds of places will be the reason for the hero in adventure anime to do explorations. Within the journey, the hero will encounter a lot of threats and battles.

Adventure anime not limited to land exploration, but also ocean, and space. A young boy who leaving home to achieve his dream to become a hero, a pirate exploring the sea to hunting the treasure or a cat robotic cat with his companion exploring universe in searching of something. These are the example of adventure anime would be like. Adventure anime also connected to other genre such as action and fantasy.

Let's say, One Piece. It is the best example for adventure anime, where the main character, Luffy, decided to become pirate to experiencing the amazing yet wild adventure in order to reach the One Piece, an unimaginable treasure.

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Love. Relationship. The two main points in romance anime. The story of romance anime revolves around love and relationship as the center of the story. Romance anime have strong connection to other genres such as drama, harem and especially, school and comedy.

Anime itself mainly targeted for teen or youth audiences and this is why most of romance anime set in high school. Considering that this the time in our life where most of the people had their first love experience. But, of course, there are romance anime with mature cast and set in office or college.

Among the fans, romance anime is something needed to enjoy the season, where they can discuss about who will end up together with the main character. And it will happen forever.

Sometime, romance anime has a funny title, like the new romance anime will coming this summer, My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex. Judging from the title I think we will more or less know how it will be going. We also getting new adaptation of Urusei Yatsura, the return of the Rent-A-Girlfriend and more coming this year.

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Romance Anime 2023

What new anime is coming out in 2024?
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Laugh. and Smile. It's something that we need to enjoy our life more. A comedy anime is a perfect choice for you who wanted to feel better, especially after a whole tough day. With a lot of funny and hilarious scene, a comedy anime will bring happiness to you. Gintama, Daily Lives of High School Boys or Asobi Asobase is some of the best comedy anime out there.

Japan with a lot of its creativity, sometime make us think, "Seriously?...", but here it is. A comedy-ecchi anime where the boy reborn as a dog and cared for by his beautiful classmates is waiting for us next year. The big cat that has a culinary skill, and the silly death of the legendary hero also coming next year.

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Horror is something that spreading frighten and scare toward the audiences. Horror in fictional story, including anime tend to be featuring the ghosts, monsters, devils, dark magic, witches and more creepy things. In Japan, the unique thematic for the horror genre more focused on psychological horror, suspense and supernatural horror.

Aside from the western folklore, horror anime would also involving Japanese folklore such as yokai and yurei. In the anime, the form of art that presented gives an unique spooky vibes that scary yet addictive to watch. Let's say Yamishibai, a horror anime featured with Japanese traditional paper drama (kamishibai) to tell the myths and urban legends of Japanese origin.

Or you might prefer a creepier horror anime like from the Junji Ito's series? Whatever you like the horror anime is exist to entertaining the audiences with its dread. And for you who like the Junji Ito manga series, good news for you, because the new anime project for Junji Ito's series will coming in 2023, along with other new horror anime.


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Mystery is a genre where the story is involving the riddle or puzzles that need to be resolved by the characters in the series. It can be a solve a murder case or other crime where a detective take charge. Mystery anime can also involve the supernatural anime related to illogical even where there is no crime identified and remains not answered until the end of the story.

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We talk about the something that illogical, contradict with common sense of our world, it's supernatural. Supernatural anime is referred to something mythical like a ghost stories, magic and monsters. This genre also interrelated with other genre mystery and horror.

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A list of anime series that to be exciting is coming soon, anime that the fans awaited the most. This will be a list for the anime that getting the most attention from the anime community.

The spring 2022 is might not like what we expected before, but at least we got some decent new anime like Call of the Night and Lycoris Recoil. Now, the fall 2022 is getting closer, and let's we take a look for the best anime that you might want to watch it.

A surprise comes from Bleach that finally continue the anime for its last arc, Thousand-Year Blood War. Kantai Collection, that test the fans patience finally becomes clear that the new season will coming next season. And here it comes, the most anticipated new anime of the year, Chainsaw Man will also bang your screen.

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The fans always demand for the sequel, event when they just finished an anime series. Sometimes, it only takes only around one year for the sequel released, but on other hand it can take more than five years, and even almost a decade. There is no guaranteed for the anime will getting a sequel, even when it's so popular among fans.

When we can safely say there is no hope for the anime sequel like Highschool of the Dead, No Game No Life and Btooom, we will blessed by the return of the masterpiece, Bleach, after a decade has passed and will return in the screen on October 2022.

While in the 2023, we will finally get the return of Attack on Titan with a conclusion final season, the continuation of Jujutsu Kaisen, the third season of Classroom of the Elite and more anime sequel.

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Not only released as a tv anime series, but there are also much anime hit on the big screen on the cinema. A long-featured anime film usually has a duration more than 1 hour. With the popularity of the anime increasing globally, the demands for the anime movie also rising.

This year, we will have some of anticipated anime film to enjoy. From the isekai-crossover anime -Isekai Quartet-, a new Dragon Ball Super film and even One Piece new anime film.

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Have been an anime fan for a long time since you were a kid? Watching anime as a kid might have different feeling comparing to when you are watching now. There is difference in animation, visual, character design, and so on. Sometimes we rewatch our old favorite anime when we want to bring back nostalgic feeling.

But, what if our old favorite anime getting new anime? It would be the best feeling we can feel as fans, especially when not all old anime getting remake.

Anime remake is a new anime adaptation where they remain the main source material from the original first adaptation. While anime reboot is just like a restart, where the new adaptation recreating new characters, timeline and story to the original.

Whether is remake or reboot, it's something that rarely happen in anime industry. However, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Soon, we will welcoming the new anime for Urusei Yatsura in 2022 and even more in 2023.

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Tired of waiting the new season of your favorite anime? Try the spin-off. You can explore the another side of your favorite anime. As an example, you can see the ridiculous Akatsuki member in Naruto SD or see Eren, Mikasa, and Armin went to middle school instead of hunting the titans.