Anime 2022: The Ultimate Anime List Compilation

anime 2022

Welcome to Desuzone! Here, I just made a compilation lists for anime based on year (and seasons) release. Every list maybe have a different format, since I am still find my best style format to make these lists. Although far from perfect, hope you get what you need here!


The fans always have big hope for anime sequel they wanted for. Unfortunately, not anime will get sequel, didn't matter how popular it was. Take No Game No Life as an example, still no sequel announcement after more than 5 years since the first season ended. The another popular titles such as Highschool of the Dead will likely never get sequel.

Now, it's time for looking another title that actually getting sequel. Here is I make the list for confirmed anime sequel series.

This list only contain anime sequel but no release date details announced yet. For other anime sequel list, check out these list.


Movies... the format that suitable for the people who don't want to spend their time waiting new episodes every week. Watch, enjoy and end it at the same day!


When waiting the new season for your favorite anime, but getting the spin-offs instead. Well, it's not that bad, you can explore the another side of your favorite anime through the spin-offs. As an example, we can see the ridiculous Akatsuki member in Naruto SD or see Eren, Mikasa, and Armin went to middle school instead of hunt the titans.

Anime Spin-offs 2020 & 2021